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Massage Services

Imagine feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!


Revitalize your body with massages and spa treatments after skiing, and return to the slopes ready to enjoy your day. Our professional massage therapists will help you relieve the pain of an injury or simply get back in balance. Spa treatments and facials bring out your natural beauty making you feel radiant!


Snakedance Swedish – Ease yourself into a relaxing vacation with the most gentle of treatments. This slow and light massage is designed to soothe the body and mind by improving circulation and lymphatic flow.


Therapeutic Deep Tissue – Various deep tissue techniques are used to promote circulation and relieve sore muscles and stiffness. Ideal for chronic tension sufferers, athletes, or anyone with knots and kinks.


Skier's Tune Up - This treatment helps restore balance to the muscles and improves your body's response to the requirements of skiing. 


Rates - 60 minutes - $120.00, 80 minutes - $140.00, 90 minutes - $160.00


 Facial - We use only local and organic products to nourish skin and delight your senses.  This treatment is designed to revitalize and hyrdrate stressed skin while promoting relaxation with an added neck and scalp massage, 50 minutes $100.00


Specific Injury Massage

Sprained Ankle
Rotary Cuff Shoulder Injury
Knee Pain or Knee Injury
Carpal Tunnel
Low back & sciatic pain
Planter Fasciaitis


Our professional therapists will apply techniques that can relieve pain and improve healing. Enjoy your ski day more after getting the attention you need!





















Putting the Head on Straight: Neck and Shoulders
Rebuilding the Rotary Cuff
Easy Breathing: Back, Torso and Ribs
Back in Action: Hips
Moving Forward: Thighs and Calves
Basic Massage
Massage for Children
Applied Kinesiology for Sports Injuries
Ending Sciatic Pain